About Me and How I got started

My full time job is being a mother of three. But, as they have gotten older I've been searching for a way to help support my family and also be there to take care of my kids. So I decided to pursue an interest of mine with the goal of an online shop from the beginning. I have had an interest in working with wood as long as I can remember and so I needed to overcome the challenges of getting started to begin.

As I was learning and figuring out how to make them I had a couple goals. I wanted it to be natural. I didn't want the treatment to have toxins that could cause problems right up against the skin. I also really like the natural finish as opposed to a very shiny finish. The problem this posed was that it leaves the wood exposed to oils in the skin and the environment. As a solution to that I created a conditioner that is natural and non-toxic made of beeswax, carnauba wax, and olive oil that can be applied as needed. It gives it the nice shine and protects it. 

The other thing I wanted was for it to be out of solid wood. Many other wood rings are made of veneer and rolled. The benefit to rolling is the strength, but it doesn't always look and feel like you're wearing a natural piece of wood. So my problem was strength. How could I make the rings strong, but also comfortable? I decided on two things. I couldn't compromise on thickness because the rings would just break! I decided to taper off the edges so that it feels comfortable to wear, but it also retains the strength from the thickness. The other thing I did to help with strength was I got very picky with which types of wood I use. I only use very strong hardwood that can hold up being made into a delicate ring. 

It has been fun to stretch myself and see what more I can learn and create with this business. I love finding a truly beautiful piece of nature and turning it into something that you can wear and look at all day. I enjoy creating these small treasures from the trees of our earth. I hope you enjoy them too!